Accepts responsibility for self and team, confront problems, and demonstrates commitment. Seeks to deliver quality work and achieve results that meet or exceed standard expectations without compromising others.


Cares for people and encourages others to do the same. Welcomes perspectives and emotions of others and has ability to have open conversations that create a culture of compassion, empathy, and support within and beyond the organisation.


Recognises the benefit of working with others internal and external engages with trust, mutual respect and personal accountability. Assumes positive intent believes collaboration can lead to better and stronger contributions


Demonstrates commitment to meet current and future internal and external customer and client needs. Addresses complaints, and effectively communicates solutions, seeks to maintain quality and delivery of services of excellence.


Is eager to problem solve, broadens perspectives and overcomes prejudice to find solutions to complex challenges. Thinks innovatively and with a vision and focus on the future new approaches and grow develop skills


Ensure everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources. Treats others with honesty, respect and consideration recognises and pursues the uniques perspectives, experiences and talents of every individual to further promote cross cultural understanding and inclusion through the organisation

We Inspire Young People and Create A Change
There is a growing force of young people who are searching for their rightful place in society. They are motivated by record-high drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, gangs, domestic violence unemployment or underemployment; a lack of equitable access to quality education, health care services and accommodation. If not adequately addressed and incorporated into national development efforts, these conditions can increase alienation and radicalisation among these young adults, and result in growing poverty rates.

We do this by addressing and finding permanent solutions to some of the common issues affecting our young people.